29 oct. 2014


It’s Halloween time!  Ready for a TRAUMatic experience?

This month, my ESO students have had the opportunity to watch  the short film Traum, directed by and starring Ross Pirsig and Francisco Reyes. Traum, a German word  for “dream”, is about a scary nightmare in which a zombie-like being appears when you least expect it. This creature gives the audience the scare of their lives twice in the film.

Some groups of students were filmed while watching it and most of their reactions were to be expected. They were also asked to write down their personal opinions on the  short film which I sent to Ross Pirsig via e-mail. They are really lucky as he is going to write back to them soon. Looking forward to receiving your comments, let’s see if they help us to recover from that post TRAUMatic experience ,
                   Ross Pirsig, film director and main actor in Traum


1st ESO students  From now on they won't want to turn off the lights at bedtime
        2nd ESO students " Ahhhhhhhhh!  Don't open that door! "   

 3rd ESO students "Come on! Shoot it!"

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