3 mar. 2016


Hey Darth Vader,
How are you doing?  This past weekend my friends and I went on a trip to the planet Ork.  We were lucky because my one friend has an uncle with a house there.  So we did not have to spend money on a hotel.  You know how expensive the prices are on Ork.
When we arrived to the planet Ork, we parked our spaceship in the garage and rested for the night because we were all tired after traveling 3 million light-years away. The next day we walked to the hot springs that were nearby to go swimming.  They are very relaxing.  But one of the pools was closed because it boiled two tourists who were visiting from the planet Trital last week.  Those Trital aliens never learn.  After we swam, we walked to get something to eat at the “Chrome Café.” There were a lot of other visitors and we had a difficult time finding a table. Eventually, we found a table and ordered dinner.  I ate a giraffe burger with ketchup. It was good.  Finally, we walked back to the house and relaxed because the next day we had to travel 3 million light-years back home.
It was a great trip and I hope that you do not destroy the planet Ork any time soon.  You should take a trip there.  There is a monument of the Emperor in the city center that you might like.  I posted pictures on my Instagram.
Talk to you soon,

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