12 dic. 2013

                             A SHORT HORROR STORY 2

                                             SOMETHING WAS WRONG 

One morning, John Sullivan found himself walking along a street downtown. He could not explain what he was doing there, or how he got there, or where he had been earlier. He didn't even know what time it was.

He saw a woman walking towards him and stopped her. "I'm afraid I forgot my watch" he said and smiled. "Can you please tell me the time?". When she saw him she screamed and ran.
Then he noticed that other people were afraid of him. When they saw him coming, they  ran across the street to stay out of his way.
"There must be something wrong with me" John thought "I'd better go home"

He hailed a taxi but the driver took one look at him and sped away. "This is crazy" he said to himself.
John did not understand what was going on and it scared him. "Maybe someone at home can come and pick me up" he thought. He found a telephone and called home, expecting his wife to answer. Instead a strange voice answered.
" Is Mrs Sullivan there?" he asked
"I'm sorry she isn't", the voice said. "Her husband died a few days ago in a horrible car crash, she's at his funeral."

New words:

- Downtown: Centro de la ciudad
-Noticed:  Past of  Notice: Notar
-Hailed: Hail a taxi means "parar un taxi"
- Sped away:Past of "speed" correr.

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